Software Test Automation and DevOps Engineer with 15 years of effective experience in CI/CD and complex SDLC with heavy focus on security and timely feedback. Love learning, researching, implementing and being challenged by new techniques, technologies and environments that improve productivity and product quality. Deeply understand and have worked with products that need to be secure, reliable, robust and scaleable. I believe that: “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

Website: https://testautomation.engineer
Phone: (214) 699-8338
Email: yuee@testautomation.engineer
LinkedIn: yueeong
Github: yueeong

Work Experience

Visa Inc. (Verifi)2018 - Present

Systems Architect, DevOps Engineer, Senior Test Automation Engineer

DevOps engineer involved in many aspects of the company's SDLC. Wearer of many hats, from firefighting, deployment design to test automation.

  • Designed and maintained K8s clusters and VM's in a hybrid datacenter environment for dev,qa,staging and production. Tech stack included AWS resources and on-prem datacenter bare-metal and OpenStack infrastructure.
  • Designed and developed the deployment/build methods in migrating microservice apps from Verifi to Visa's datacenter and build pipelines, with minimum to no-code changes while maintaining their ability to function seamlessly across both datacenters and ecosystems in Production.
  • Developed automated tests for webapps using Selenium and Protractor (AngularJS based)
  • Developed and designed the team's webapps transition from VM-based deployment to fully containerized and deployed to Kubernetes with Helm charts
  • Involved in developing a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that included deployment verification and test automation
  • Successfully designed, implemented and deployed to production, tools and patterns to integrate software designed for an external ecosystem into Visa's datacenter and its strict security requirements/paradigms
  • Implemented Kong API gateway for Kubernetes-based microservices
  • Designed and implemented a CLI tool (in Golang) for automating smart defaults for dev/qa to deploy in Kubernetes to speed iterative testing and feedback in SDLC
  • Designed deployment configuration for production infrastructure such as Kafka, Redis and Kubernetes
  • Design new application/microservice rollout from dev to production environments. Rollouts require configuration management design, secrets management, scaleability and redundancy considerations.
  • Troubleshoot and debug production issues from functionality to performance, both app and system level.
  • Involved in a massive tech debt remediation effort of moving fleet of production VM's from deprecated linux versions. Included numerous bash scripting and testing deployments for a smooth transition.

Cisco Systems Inc.2011 - 2018

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Specialised in developing test frameworks to automate test and continuous integration tasks. Activities included supporting a cloud service in a DevOps role, testcase development and automation practicing Continuous Integration/Delivery methodologies. Products I worked on include Wireless LAN controllers, Access Points, REST Micro Services. One of my primary roles was to develop new tools in-house that could be used in place of expensive and proprietary third party hardware or software.

  • Led and designed system test transformation from a manual/script/tool culture to a OO Python-based automation framework. Introduced, implemented and trained Jenkins to the team and designed a Git backed CI workflow for testcase development and execution.
  • On my own initiative, designed and developed an in-house web-auth wifi traffic tool, saving the team ~$80,000/year in tool licensing costs. Written in Python and using XML-RPC, it leveraged JMeter GUI to help testers develop end-user web-authentication scenarios. Python Fabric is used to deploy and manage the fleet of VMs used.
  • Designed and developed RRM test automation (a Cisco WIFI feature believed to be not automatable) using Neo4J, CouchDB and Python saving 500 manhours annually
  • Designed and developed a full-stack Polymer JS web app (Flask REST backend) for displaying and comparing performance data for different Cisco Wireless products
  • Developed a feature test framework for WIFI access point software testing with Python and xUnit style test harness
  • REST API testing with JMeter/Postman and Python Requests for Cisco's DNAC platform
  • Designed+developed fully automated Java (leveraging TestNG test harness) integration testing framework for a REST API (Spring-based) SOA cloud service residing on AWS.
  • Developed multi-endpoint automation framework with Java, RabbitMQ, backed by CouchDB and MySQL.
  • Various manual testing activities including GUI and system/traffic test
  • Member of various test and development agile scrum teams in the development of various Cisco wireless features and products.

Tango Networks2006 - 2011


“Engineer-at-large” providing internal support for IT, Test and Design groups. Primary role also included supporting end-user custom deployments for the products and services provided by Tango Networks

  • Built proof of concept demo tools with SIP and Asterisk PBX
  • Automated test case development
  • Worked on-site customized deployments for carrier customers, integrating SS7 signalling and IP networks with Tango Networks products
  • Performed manual testing for various features
  • Travelled to Europe and Asia to be primary solution engineer for various customers.

Multigen-Paradigm Inc. (now Presagis)2005 - 2006

3D Visual Content Developer

Creator in the services group developing visual databases for combat flight simulators.

  • Responsibilities include design, tuning and testing of real-time high-flight environments for use in military fighter aircraft simulation.
  • Became critical in the development of databases for CF-18 contract by quickly learning and specializing in the creation of culture (buildings, vehicles etc) in the visual database to add interactivity in the 3D simulation.
  • Testing is also performed as tools (Creator Terrain Studio) are used to create 3D visual databases.

Nortel Networks1998 - 2005

Member Scientific Staff

PV Security and Test Prime in Multimedia Communications Portfolio

  • Develop and execute test for security, feature, robustness and capacity in evaluating functionality and voice quality
  • Technologies tested included SIP, QoS, MGCP, RTP, IP and interworking with PSTN technologies.
  • Test and verification UMTS video communications with a SIP based call server
  • Performed manual testing for various features

Singapore Armed Forces1993 - 1995

First Lieutenant, Platoon Commander, EOD

Platoon Commander of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal platoon.

  • Leader of three teams of specialists involved in the rendering safe of unexploded ordnance (UXO), improvised explosive devices from terrorists and other criminal organizations and protection of civilian VIP’s.


Purdue University1995 - 1998

Electrical Engineering, Bachelor


  • Test Automation

    • Python
    • Javascript
    • SaltStack
    • Python Fabric
    • Shell scripting
    • Jenkins
    • JMeter
    • Selenium
    • Linux
    • Java
    • TestNG
    • JUnit
    • REST
    • IP
    • VMWare
    • Cisco IOS
    • git
    • CouchDB
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • KVM/QEMU
    • Maven
    • Tomcat
    • ELK
  • Web Development

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Wordpress
    • Apache
    • nginx
    • Polymer
    • Flask
    • NodeJS
    • Express
  • Cloud Platforms

    • AWS
    • DigitalOcean
    • Linode
    • Backblaze
    • GCP


Operation Once in a Lifetime2008 - Present

Web developer

My wife and I designed and built the website and also developed online donation capabilities

  • On going support and content development of the website.
  • Development of fundraising mechanisms on the site.


  • English Native speaker
  • Mandarin Chinese Proficient in reading, writing, speaking


  • Ultimate Frisbee https://www.facebook.com/groups/bigdnr/
  • The Outdoors Hiking,Snowboarding
  • RC Quadcopter racing/flying Flying,racing
  • Flying Student Pilot,Single Engine Land